Word clue Words semester 1

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  1. Prehensile
    adapted for grasping
  2. Convulsive
    having spasms
  3. Cogent
    forceful; to the point
  4. inhibit
    to restrain
  5. agile
    nimble; lively
  6. repress
    suppress; restrain
  7. Protrude
    jut out
  8. Erupt
    burst open
  9. Salute
    formal sign of respect
  10. Resilient
    able to spring back after being deformed
  11. saline
    containing salt
  12. aptitude
    ability to acquire skill
  13. Pulchritude
  14. gratify
    please, fulfill desire
  15. Placate
    pacify; satisfy need
  16. Avail
    make use of something helpful
  17. salient
    noticeable or striking
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