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  1. Requires energy from an outside source to move molecules across membranes
    Active Transport
  2. What is passive transport?
    Does not require energy to move molecules across membranes
  3. What is selectively permeable?
    Whether or not a substance enters a cell depends on the properties of the cell membrane and those of a substance
  4. What is permeable?
    If a membrane allows a substance to pass through
  5. What is impermeable?
    If a membrane does not allow a substance to pass through
  6. What is concentration difference?
    Affects the rate of diffusion, it is the difference of a solute in a solution
  7. What is concentration gradient?
    A gradual change in the concentration of solutes in a solution
  8. What is dynamic equilibrium?
    A result of diffusion, where the concentration has equalized but molecules continue to move with no overall charge
  9. What is electrical gradients?
    The input of energy to transport ions across the membranes
  10. What is electrochemical gradients?
    The response from ions moving to combined electrical and concentration gradients
  11. What is Fick’s Law?
    A relationship that involves rate of diffusion, surface area, concentration gradient, and membrane permeability
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