Anatomy & Physiology 1

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  1. -ology
    The study of
  2. anatomy
    Study of body structures
  3. Gross anatomy
    • -The large parts such as muscles and bones
    • - able to be seen with the naked (unaided) eye
  4. Microanatomy
    Study of microscopic structures
  5. cytology
    Study of cells
  6. Histology
    The study of tissues
  7. Physiology
    Study of how the body functions and the work the cells must do to keep the body stable and operating efficiently.
  8. Homeostasis
    Maintenance of a relatively steady internal environment through physiological work
  9. Levels of organization
    • - each higher level increases in structural and functional complexity
    • 1. Molecular/ Chemical level- (consists of atoms, molecules and contractile protein fibers)
    • 2. Cellular level
    • 3. Tissue level
    • 4. Organ level
    • 5. Organ System level - (consists of Integumentary, Skeletal, Muscular, Nervous, Endocrine, Cardiovascular, Lymphatic, Respiratory, Digestive, Urinary and Reproductive)
    • 6. Organism level
  10. Anterior/ Ventral
    The front or before; belly side.
  11. Posterior/ Dorsal
    The back or behind
  12. Superior
    Above; at a higher level
  13. Inferior
    Below; at a lower level
  14. Medial
    Toward the middle; toward  midsagittal plane.
  15. Lateral
    Away from the middle or midsagittal plane
  16. Proximal
    Toward an attached base (the top of the attached base)
  17. Distal
    Away from an attached base (bottom of attached base)
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