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  1. ´╗┐Chapter 5 vocab 1-15
  2. Fluid concentrations are equal on the two sides of the cell membrane {TAB}
    Osmotic equilibrium {ENTER}
  3. Some solutes are more concentrated in one of the two compartments than in the other {TAB}
    Chemical disequilibrium {ENTER}
  4. The inside of the cells are slightly negative relative to the extracellular {TAB}
    Electrical disequilibrium {ENTER}
  5. Molecules in a higher concentration diffuse from where they are less concentrated {TAB}
    Concentration difference {ENTER}
  6. Difference in the concentration of a substance between two spaces {TAB}
    Concentration gradient {ENTER}
  7. Equilibrium related to movement through space {TAB}
    Dynamic equilibrium {ENTER}
  8. Describe a solution and how that solution would affect cell volume if the cell were placed in the solution and allowed to come to equilibrium {TAB}
    tonicity {ENTER}
  9. Solution gains water at equilibrium {TAB} hypotonic {ENTER}
  10. Cell loses water and shrinks at equilibrium {TAB}
    hypertonic {ENTER}
  11. Cell does not change size at equilibrium {TAB}
  12. Affects the rate of diffusion through a cell membrane {TAB} Lipid solubility {ENTER}
  13. Directly proportional {ENTER}
  14. Inversely proportional {ENTER}
  15. The degree at which one substance allows another substance to flow through {TAB} Permeability {ENTER}
  16. The separation of smaller molecules from larger molecules of a dissolved substance from colloidal particles in a solution by selective diffusion through a semi permeable membrane {TAB} Dialysis {ENTER}
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