STA 215 ch 1

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  1. Convenience Samples
    sample taken for convince of sampler, usually not representative of the population
  2. Unbias Sampling Method
    does not systemitaclly favor responses in sample that are different in the population
  3. Selection Bias
    • If a group is over or under represented
    • (asking if you believe in God to churchgoers)
  4. Response bias
    people provide incorrect info because do not understand the question

    (leading, confusing, non-informative)

    piolet survey to ensure the questions make sense
  5. Nonresponse Bias
    if people likely to respond have different response patterns than people not likely to respond
  6. sampling error
    "different than the unknown truth"

    -NOT a mistake

    -its unavoidable so needs to be described and quantified
  7. nonsampling error
    • sampling bias (convenience sample) 
    • response bias (question confusing,leading, non-informative)
    • nonresponse bias

    can be prevented

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