anatomy and physiology: anatomical positions

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  1. name six features of the anatomical position
    • facing forward
    • head level 
    • eyes facing forward
    • feet flat on ground
    • arms down the sides
    • palms turned forward
  2. what is prone and supine in regard to the anatomical positon?
    • Prone: body facing down
    • supine : body facing up
  3. what are the terms used to describe the front and back of the body in the anatomical position?
    • Front: anterior or ventral
    • back: posterior or dorsal
  4. what are the three lines the body is broken up into when on its side?
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  5. describe what is superior and inferior in regards to the anatomical position
    • superior: towards the top
    • inferior: towards the bottom
  6. the neck is _______ to the abdomen
  7. the thigh is _______ to the abdomen
  8. what is distal and proximal in regards to the anatomical position?
    • distal: away from, farther from orgin
    • proximal : near, closer to the origin
  9. what is lateral and medial in regard to the anatomical position?
    • lateral: away from the mid line of the body 
    • medial: towards the midline of the body
  10. what is contralateral and ipsilateral in regards to the anatomical positon
    • contralateral: on the opposite side 
    • ipsilateral: on the same side
  11. what is superficial and deep in regards to the anatomical position?
    • superficial: towards the surface 
    • deep : towards the center
  12. anatomical positions:

    what are the three anatomical planes?
     and where do they seperate?
    • coronal plane: separates body into front and back half 
    • sagital plane: left and right halves
    • transverse plane: superior and inferior halves
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