dental hygiene theory and techniques : gingiva

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  1. what is attachment apparatus?
    the cementum, periodontal ligament and the aveolar bone
  2. what is the oral epithelium ?
    tissue covering as a liner for the intraoral mucosal sufaces
  3. what is the squamos epithelium?
    composed of a layer of flat or stratified scale like cells
  4. what is hyperplasia?
    abnormal increase in volume of tissue or organ caused by formation and growth of new normal cells
  5. what is hypertrophy?
    increase in size of tissue or organ caused by an increase in size of its constituent cells
  6. what is keratinization?
    development of a heaavy layer of flattened epithelial cells containing keratin
  7. what is the marker?
    symptoms or signs by which a condition can be recognized ; for example , clinical and microbiologic markers are used to identify gingival and periodontal infections
  8. what is mastication?
    the act of chewing
  9. what is the periodontium?
    tissues surrounding and supporting the teeth
  10. what is probing depth?
    the distance from the gingival margin to the location of the periodontal probe tip inserted for gentle  probing at the attachment
  11. what is stippling?
    the pitted, orange-peel appearance frequently seen on the surface of the attached gingiva
  12. what is col?
    the depression between the lingual or palatal and facial papillae that conforms to the proximal contact area
  13. what is suppuration?
    formation of pus
  14. what is gingiva?
    the gingiva is the masticatory mucosa that surrounds the neck of the teeth and is attached to the teeth and the aveolar bone
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