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  1. What are the major themes in the evolution of nursing?
    • Women's Role
    • Religion
    • War
    • Societal Attitudes
  2. When and where was the first school of nursing founded?
    • 1836 in German
    • Kaiserworth Deaconess Institute-affiliated with Lutheran churches
    • Florence Nightingale attended
  3. When and where was the first school of practical nursing founded(US)?
    • 1892
    • Brooklyn, NY
    • Ballard School for Practical Nursing
    • 3 months long
    • focused on home health for chronically ill, invalids, children, and elderly
  4. Florence Nightingale
    • founder of modern nursing
    • went to Kaiserworth Deaconess
    • Nightingale Training School in London
    •    nursing a respectable vocation
    •    emphasized theory as well as clinical
  5. What helped to solidify that nursing education should occur in institutions of higher learning?
    • Goldmark Report of 1923
    • Brown Report of 1948
  6. Nursing Organizations Formed
    National League for Nursing Education
  7. How did WWI impact nursing?
    • Smith Hughes Act-many nurses needed at home and on battlefronts
    • Hospital Schools opened in many locations-provided staffing
  8. How did WWII impact nursing?
    • Peak # practical nurses-1940(many military)
    • Shortage of practical nurses following war
    • Army School of Nursing Established
  9. 1944
    practical nurse duties outlined by department of vocational education
  10. 1949
    • LPN title formulated
    • duties formally differentiated from RN
  11. Clara Barton
    • Teacher
    • Founded American Red Cross
  12. Linda Richards
    • America's 1st trained nurse
    • introduced nurses notes, drs orders, and practice of wearing uniforms
  13. Mary Breckinridge
    • Frontier Nurse
    • Organized Frontier Nursing Service of Kentucky
  14. Dorthea Dix
    • Superintendent of Nurses Army Nurse Corp
    • Civil War
  15. Mary Mahoney
    1st African American Nurse
  16. Mildred Montag
    Founder of ADN Education, 1952
  17. Lillian Wald
    • founded public health nursing
    • Henry St Settlement in NYC
    • school nursing was an offspring of public health nursing
  18. Lavina Dock
    • Women's rights activist
    • campaigned for nurses to control profession
    • 1st president of (what is now)ANA
    • helped form Nation League for Nursing
  19. Margaret Sanger
    • Public Health Nurse
    • women's right activist
    • planned parenthood and birth control pioneer
  20. Adelaide Nutting
    1st nurse to hold professorship in a university
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