Roles of the Professional Practical Nurse

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  1. Profession
    occupation that requires extensive training/education or a calling that requires special education, skill, and practice
  2. professionalism
    professional characteristics, spirit, or methodology
  3. Nurse Practice Act
    defines practice for LPN, RN, and advance Nurse Practitioners in each state; protects public
  4. Board of Nursing
    enforce the nurse practice act
  5. ANA
    • American Nurses Association
    • focuses:
    •    nursing practice
    •    legislation
    •    work conditions
  6. NLN
    • National League for Nursing
    • focuses on nursing education
    • National Association for Practical Nursing Education and Services
    • promotes nursing education and continuing education; multidisciplinary membership
  8. NFLPN
    • Nation Federation of Licensed Practical Nurses
    • works for and speaks on behalf o LPN's; official voice
  9. Sigma Theta Tau
    • educational honorary group
    • focuses on scholarship, leadership, and excellence in practice; membership benefits
  10. entry-level educational program
    • program prepares graduates to write a licensing exam
    • NCLEX-RN
    • NCLEX-PN
  11. LPN/LVN
    • train to provide basic care under the supervision of an RN or other licensed provider
    • 9-12 month program
    • prepared to work in structured and predictable settings under RN or other provider supervision
    • role is dependent and interdependent; contributes to the nursing process, but DOES NOT INDEPENDENTLY FORMULATE THE NURSING DIAGNOSIS
  12. Associates Degree in Nursing(RN)
    • typically 2 years
    • usually at community colleges
    • focus on basic skills prep and traditionally emphasized clinical practice in the hospital setting
  13. Diploma program in nursing
    • becoming obsolete
    • vary from 2-3 years
    • hospital-based nursing education
    • always been associated with providing nursing student with strong hospital-based clinical experience
  14. Baccalaureate Degree in Nursing
    • established in early 1900's to provide students with liberal arts ed
    • typically 4 yr program that awards BSN
  15. major components of BSN
    • liberal ed
    • professional values
    • core competencies
    • core knowledge
    • role development
  16. Graduate Nursing Education(masters)
    • allows nurses to expand roles:
    •    educator
    •    administrator
    •    clinical specialist
    •    advanced practitioner
  17. Doctoral Programs in nursing
    build on masters preparation with emphasis on application of research findings to clinical practice
  18. PhD
    • academic
    • terminal research degree
    • usually for faculty roles
    • terminal degree
  19. DNP
    • nurse practitioners
    • professional, doctorate
    • nurse practitioners, clinical specialist, clinical leaders
  20. certification
    documents expertise in specialty area
  21. Roles and Responsibilities of Nurse
    • Advocate
    • Communicator
    • Teacher(LPN mostly)
    • Caregiver
    • Manager/Delegator
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