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  1. Gaba helps
    relieve anxiety
  2. Purpose of DSM5official guideline for diagnosing psychiatric disorders; establishes diagnostic criteria, assists nurses in planning care, indicates expected assessment findings
  3. Biologic theory of depression
    insufficient serotonin and excessive acetycholine
  4. Major concept of Sullivan
    needs and anxiety
  5. “I am iron and cannot be killed”
    petition the court to appoint guardian
  6. Modern psychiatric mental health nursing by Freud
    theory of personality structure and levels of awareness
  7. Which statement about mental illness is true
    changes with culture, time in history, political systems and the groups defining it
  8. Therapeutic effect of benzos results from potentiating
  9. Effexor blocks the reuptake of
    serotonin and norepinephrine
  10. Lithium can cause
    fluid and electrolyte imbalance
  11. Latin American culture
    pt will visit with spiritual healer once weekly
  12. Amanda and Jane
    Amanda transference
  13. Therapeutic relationship with pt
    sitting attentively in silence
  14. Schizophrenia drinking a lot of water
    restrict access to fluids and evaluate for water intoxication
  15. Suicide and schizophrenia
    about half of people with schizophrenia will attempt suicide
  16. Depression and St. John’s wort
    taking it with SSRI may cause serotonin syndrome
  17. Santa Claus walking
    consistently use patient’s name
  18. Neuroleptic malignant syndrome
    diaphoretic and rigid
  19. Difference between DSM5 and nursing DX
    DSM5 associated with present symptoms whereas nursing diagnosis considers past, present and potential responses to actual mental health problems
  20. Pt’s family is concerned about discharge
    explain that patient will continue to improve if medication is taken regularly
  21. “I am going to kill my father but you can’t tell anyone”
    I’m obligated to share that information with the treatment team
  22. What has highest priority when addressing a behavioral crisis in an inpatient setting
    resolve crisis with least restrictive intervention possible
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