Neuroanatomy - Blood supply to the Brain

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  1. About ____ of the total blood volume in the body circulates in the brain,which accounts for about ___of the body weight ? (Answers in percentage)

  2. Loss of consciousness occurs in less than___ seconds after blood flow to the brain has stopped, and irreparable damage to the brain tissue occurs within __ minutes ?
    15 seconds

    5 minutes
  3. Nearly half of the admissions to many busy neurologic services are because of _____?
  4. Cerebrovascular disease is the ____ most common cause of death in industrialized societies ?
  5. Name the portions of the Diagram ?
    Common carotid artery
    Internal carotid artery
    Middle cerebral artery
    anterior cerebral artery
    posterior cerebral artery
    basilar artery
    vertebral artery
    subclavian artery
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  6. Name the portions of the Diagram ?
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    Image Upload
  7. The internal carotid artery arises from the _________enters skull through _______(what canal)in the _____bones (petrous) it passes anteromedially through the ________divides at medial end of the _________anterior and middle cerebral arteries anterior circulation of the brain
    • common carotid artery
    • Carotid Canal 
    • Temporal
    • Cavernous sinus
    • Lateral Sulcus
  8. Anterior cerebral arteries smaller terminal branch of the ICA that enters longitudinal fissure connected to the opposite Anterior cerebral artery by _________ (part of the CoW)
    anterior communicating artery
  9. Middle Cerebral Arteries are the _____ (size) they run laterally in the lateral _____ branch.Cortical branches supply entire lateral surface of the hemisphere EXCEPT the area supplied by anterior cerebral artery
    •inferolateral surface supplied by posterior cerebral artery
    •occipital pole–supply all motor area except “leg area”–supply parts of the internal capsule and basal ganglia–central branches supply deep masses of gray matter within the cerebral hemisphere
    • Largest
    • Sulcus
  10. Ophthalmic artery enters orbit through ____ canal, below and lateral to optic nerve–supplies the eye, including retina and optic nerve
    optic canal
  11. Posterior communicating artery–runs backward to join posterior cerebral artery at interpeduncular fossa•deep depression on inferior of midbrain between cerebral peduncles•part of the circle of willis
  12. Choroidal artery–enter inferior horn of lateral ventricle to supply choroid plexus–branches may help supply the optic tract, LGB, internal capsule and crus cerebri
    •branch of the 1st part of the subclavian artery
    •ascends the neck through the transverse foramina of upper 6 cervical vertebrae
    •enters skull through foramen magnum
    •Cranial branches–meningeal arteries–anterior and posterior spinal arteries–posteroinferior cerebellar artery
    •largest branch of the vertebral artery and supplies parts of the cerebellum and the dorsolateral portion of the rostral medulla
    •Occlusion: lateral medullary syndrome–medullary arteries
    •along with posteroinferior cerebellar artery, supply most of the medulla
  14. What arteries supply blood to the anterior part of the brain ?
    Left and right common corotid
  15. What arteries supply blood to the posteriro part of the brain ?
    • Left and Right Vertibular arteries 
    • Basilar Artery
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