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  1. Delegated Powers
    Powers specifically granted to the National Government
  2. Implied Powers
    Powers not specifically granted, but that result logically from the Delegated Powers
  3. Inherent Powers
    Powers the National Government is assumed to have because it's the government of a sovereign state
  4. Concurrent Powers
    Powers the National Government is assumed to have because it's the government of a sovereign state
  5. Reserved Powers
    All powers, except those specifically delegated or prohibited, are left to the states
  6. Loose Construction
    Broad view of the Constitution
  7. Strict Construction
    Narrow view of the Constitution
  8. Dictatorship
    Government in which the ruler attempts to control every aspect of life
  9. Oligarchy
    Rule by a small group of powerful people
  10. Divine Right
    Power "granted" by God
  11. Republic
    People exercise political power through elected officials
  12. Confederation
    States joined together to meet some common goal
  13. Virginia Plan
    3 separate branches of government, bicameral legislature (2 houses: based on state population, lower house is elected then the lower house selects the upper house), national legislature (national laws overrule state laws)
  14. New Jersey Plan
    1 house national legislature (representatives selected by state legislature, each state gets 1 vote), plural executives (selected by congress), supreme court (appointed for life by executive officers)
  15. Due Process of Law
    Constitutional guarantee of fairness and equality under the law
  16. Probable Cause
    Reasonable belief that a particular crime has been, or is bing, committed
  17. Double Jeopardy
    Protects from being prosecuted twice for the same crime
  18. Unitary Government
    One government with a central power
  19. Exclusionary Rule
    Evidence obtained illegally can't be used in court
  20. Presidential Veto
    President's power to reject a bill
  21. Grand Jury

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