Music Appreciation 1-3

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  1. how fast or slow the beat is
    (adagio to presto)
  2. is the regular pulse found in most music
  3. the term for the orderly flow of music through time
  4. the grouping of the beats (not the notes) into patterns

    music moves in two's or three's
  5. the meter of a piece of music is indicated in notation in two ways: what are they?
    meter signature or time signature
  6. the highness or lowness of a sound; result of the number of vibrations made by the sound-making instrument.
  7. pitches in a cohesie series

    a series of pitches tht forms a cohesive entity
  8. How is music mathematical?
    • mathematical by note values are fractional.
    • physical by coordination to play an instrument
    • historical in that it reflects time, place and culture.
    • aesthetic in that it reflects and creates beauty.
  9. what is the function of music?
    • utiltarian (emotion, promotion, commotion)
    • and therapeutic (musicophelia is by oliver sacks)
    • pleasure, entertainment
    • beauty and fine are intimidate shifless youth
  10. extra play- piece

    conductor is the?

  11. pitch and duration are what?

    treble and bass cleffs are what?

    neumes preced what ? (12th)

  12. what is the highest to lowest pitches?

    what is shape? (step versus leap/intervals)

    where most of the piches occur


  13. many notes on single vowels?
  14. changing the normal accents
  15. what is included in rhythm?
    • beat or pulse (steady)
    • melisma
    • temp
    • speed of beat 
    • meter
    • metric vs. non-metric
    • syncopation : changing the normal accents
  16. what is harmony? 
    what does it include?
    • two or more notes sounding simultaneously
    • chords and triads
    • scales, tonic, tonality
    • functional harmony, home base-tonic
    • consonance vs. dissonance
    • major vs minor
  17. number and presence of oveones
    distinct vocal or instumental sound
    timbre or color
  18. what is a music trio?
    a paino trio with two string instruments usually a violin and a cello.
  19. what is a string quartet?
    a chamber music ensemble consisting of first and second violin, viola, and cello.
  20. what is a woodwind quintet?
    it is a group of five wind instruments that usually include the flute, clarinet, horn, basoon, and oboe.
  21. what is a brass quintet?
    it is a muscial ensemble that consists of the five brass instruments.
  22. what are the keyboard instruments?
    • pipe organ (king of instruments)
    • pianoforte (felt hammers strike strings)
    • harpsichord (strings are plucked)
    • synthesizer (digital sound source)
  23. what are the four families of orchestral instruments?
    • woodwinds (single or double reeds, flutes, horn)
    • brass
    • percussion (including harp and piano)
    • strings
  24. what are percussion instruments?
    • instruments that sound like someone is striking them. 
    • base drumm. snare
    • timpani
    • cymbal
    • piano
  25. what is a full orchestra?
    what is a chamber orchestra?
    what is a string orchestra?
    an orchestra with the four classes percussion, wind, string, and brass.

    smaller orchestra of about 50 or less musicians.

    an orchestra that is consisting of string instruments
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