alarm priority

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  1. What does a red alarm mean?
    Priority 1

    P1 indicates a change of equipment status (auto operation alarms, breaker/disconnect status change). P1 is reserved for use at the BC Hydro control centre and is generally not appropriate for alarms generated from Stations.
  2. What does a brown alarm mean?
    Priority 2

    P2 are initiated to indicate encroachment or violation of an analog limit. The Operator must initiate corrective remote control response to the alarm. P2 also includes alarms initiated from equipment conditions that require Operator remote control response such as overload alarm, creep alarms etc. Where remote control cannot correct the alarm condition, or where the root cause of the alarm indicates equipment failure, the alarm must be entered in CROW.
  3. What does a purple alarm mean?
    P3 are Urgent Alarms requiring immediate maintenance response. The Operator must call the responsible Manager/Standby Manager and enter the alarm into CROW. The expected Operator response should be detailed in Local Operating Orders or detailed in the remarks section of a CROW Unusual Condition.
  4. What does a blue alarm mean?
    P4 alarms are alarms where a call to the appropriate Manager is required between 08:00 and 22:00, 7 days a week. P4 alarms must be entered in CROW. Manager/Standby Manager will be called at 08:00 for all P4 alarms received after 22:00 to decide whether maintenance call out is required.
  5. What does a green alarm mean?
    P5 are Non-Urgent Alarms which require next working day response. P5 are entered in CROW only. There is no need to call field staff.
  6. What does a black alarm mean?
    P6 are Information Alarms. The Operator will not take action unless the alarm relates to a Station security event (see OO 1T-17).\

    After 7pm, if security alarm with unknown cause is still up, try to contact the station and then the standby manager.
  7. What is priority 7?
    nuisance alarms are moved to priority 7.
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