Orthopedic Instruments

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  1. Brun Bone Curette

    note: cuts into bone to remove dead tissue
  2. Bone Plate

    note: size and width should be found before surgery
  3. Lewin Bone Holding Forceps
  4. Richards Small Bone Plate Bender

    note: contours plate to bone
  5. Bone Rasp

    note: levels bone and removes dead tissue
  6. Tom Cat Catheter
  7. Auto Suture Disposable Skin Stapler
  8. Jacob's Chuck and Key
  9. Canine Female Metal Urinary Catheters
  10. Segtin Plaster Shears
  11. Fergusson Angiotribe
  12. Wire Twister
  13. Pistol Grip Drill and Key
  14. Intramedullary Pin Puller
  15. Intramedullary Pin Cutter
  16. Orthopedic Drill Bit
  17. Drill Guide
  18. Tap Sleeve
  19. Tap with Handle
  20. ASIF Orthopedic Screwdriver with Sleeve
  21. Cartilage Scissors
  22. Crile Forceps
  23. Vaginal Speculum
  24. Nasal Speculum
  25. Doyen Intestinal Forceps
  26. Richards Lightweight Bone Clamp
  27. Kern Bone Holding Forceps
  28. Ruskin Bone Rongeur
  29. Michel Trephine
  30. Sponge Forceps

    note: if the bottom part is padded with rubber, they are considered obstetrical forceps
  31. Bone Mallet

    note: used to strike an osteotome to chip bone
  32. Osteotome

    note: used with a bone mallet to chip bone
  33. Gigli Wire Handles
  34. Alligator Forceps
  35. Temple-Fay Self-Retaining Retractor
  36. Gelpi Self-Retaining Retractor
  37. Weitlander Self-Retaining Retractor
  38. Liston Bone Cutting Forceps
  39. Periosteal Elevators
  40. Suture Wire Scissors
  41. Molar Extractor
  42. Dental Sulcus Excavator
  43. Dental Root Elevator

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Orthopedic Instruments
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Orthopedic instruments at Tomball
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