ESL Podcast 960 – Giving Someone Your Recommendation

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  1. to apply; to submit papers to ask for a job
    * Heather put in applications at every coffee shop in the city, but she still hasn’t found a job.
    to put in an application
  2. to agree to give someone a job; to agree to make someone one’s employee
    * The business is expanding very quickly and they had to hire more than 30 new employees last year.
    to hire
  3. the name and contact information for a person who can provide additional information, especially about someone’s qualifications or experience 
    * Your references should be people who are familiar with your professional work, but not family members.
  4. to say good things about someone or something; to indicate that someone is a good person or that something will be a good choic
    * Will you vouch for my computer skills if I apply for that job?
    to vouch
  5. reliable, trustworthy, and good 
    * We’re looking for a candidate with solid experience in finance and operations.
  6. to say something good about a person or to recommend someone for an opportunity in an informal way
    * You’re friends with a literary agent, right? Would you put in a good word for me and my book?
    to put in a good word
  7. words or actions that make one feel more certain that something will happen in a particular way
    * Do you have any assurance that your clients will actually pay you each month?
  8. personality; the personal characteristics that seem to be a permanent characteristic of a person, not learned over time, especially how one shows one’s emotions
    * Hal has a calm temperament that helps other people relax.
  9. one’s commitment to working hard and finishing what one has started; one’s commitment to a job or project
    * Group projects are unfair, because the students with the strongest work ethic end up doing most of the work.
    work ethic
  10. at work; through experience in a particular position, not by reading about something or listening to others talk about it
    * Did you learn to use this software on the job, or did you already know how to do that when you applied for the position?
    on the job
  11. a person who learns things very quickly and does not need a lot of instruction or guidance
    * Even if you’re a quick study, it can take years to learn to play a musical instrument well.
    quick study
  12. to rationalize; to provide a logical reason for something; to be able to explain what has happened in a way that makes sense to oneself and others
    * How can anyone justify spending $20,000 on a watch?
    to justify
  13. to choose not to have or do something because one is having or doing something else
    * How can you pass up going to the concert just to stay home and study again?
    to pass up
  14. with the necessary skills, experience, and knowledge for a position or opportunity; meeting all the qualifications of something
    * Once you earn your degree, you’ll be qualified to work in the best scientific laboratories in the country.
  15. very strong praise for a person or thing; full support and recommendation for someone or something
    * How could you quit your job so soon? I gave your boss my ringing endorsement so that she’d give you the job. Now she’ll never trust me again.
    ringing endorsement
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