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  1. Polysaccharides
    complex carbs made up of simple carbs (sugars)
  2. Disaccharides
    double sugars
  3. monosaccharides
    single sugars (3-7 in a chain or ring)
  4. sugars
    simple carbs
  5. carbohydrates
    provide energy, supply materials to build cell structures, and store as reserve energy supplies
  6. electrolyte balance
    maintaining homeostasis both inside and outside cell (electrolyte levels)
  7. inorganic salts
    important to body functions and abundant in body fluids. helps in homeostasis
  8. inorganic
    anything not containing carbon or hydrogen
  9. organic
    compounds with carbon and hydrogen
  10. carbonic acid dissociation formula
    CO2 + H20 >< H2CO3 ><H+ + HCO3-
  11. buffers
    chemicals that resist pH change. they donate or take hydrogen ions
  12. acidosis
    (0-6) when H+ concentration increases and solution becomes more acidic. pH also goes down.
  13. alkalosis
    (8 or more) when OH- concentration increases and solution becomes more basic. pH goes up
  14. pH scale
    shorthand for the hydrogen ion concentration used to indicate acidic or alkaline condition(0-14)
  15. salts
    water and electrolyts from bases. reacting to acids and becoming neutralized
  16. bases
    substances that combine with hydrogen ions
  17. acids
    electrolytes that release hydrogen ions in water
  18. electrolytes
    substances that release ions in water
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