Ch 1,2,3 Article - Organizational Behavior

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  1. What was the paradox Brief and Roberson discovered about job satisfaction?
    Job satisfaction generally is construed in affective terms, but typically only its cognitive aspects are measured.
  2. How does Motowidlo define job satisfaction?
    Judgments about the favorability of the work environment
  3. What is Brief's definition of job satisfaction?
    An internal state that is expressed by affectively and/or cognitively evaluating an experienced job with some degree of favor or disfavor
  4. What has been found to influence job satisfaction?
    • Moods and emotions
    • (Influence but not indicators)
  5. ____ moods spilled over into work more than ____ moods.
    • Negative
    • Positove
  6. What affect to Leaders have on lower-level employees?
    Their emotions can affect the employees' moods
  7. How do groups affect moods?
    Workers in groups tend to share the same moods and emotions when working closely together.
  8. Being in a positive mood can enhance what?
    Creative problem solving
  9. Anger has been shown to hinder what?
  10. How were moods shown to predict absenteeism?
    Positive moods predicted absenteeism while negative moods predicted turnover intentions
  11. What's one of the main ideas behind the article?
    • Organizational behavior is a very complex topic and not enough research has been done to give strong causation theories.
    • Evidence suggests that moods brought about superior management or employees has a strong effect on mood which influences job behavior
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