Random definitions #2

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  1. Phalanx
    A compact or close knit body of people.
  2. Tallow
    Any of various kinds of fat.
  3. Inveighing
    To give vent to angry disapproval. Protest vehemently.
  4. Epaulet
    A shoulder ornament.
  5. Chevrons
    A v-shaped pattern; the insignia worn by military members to indicate rank.
  6. Pique
    A feeling of wounded pride. A state of vexation caused by a precieved slight or indignity.
  7. Rectilinear
    Moving in , consisting of, bounded by, or characterized by a straight line or lines.
  8. Postulant
    A person submitting a request or application
  9. Ogliopolises
    A state of oligopoly: A market condition in which sellers are so few that the actions of any one of them will materially affect price and have a measurable impact on competitors.
  10. Ecclesiastical
    Of or relating to the christian church or it's clergy
  11. Pyre
    A heap of combustible material.
  12. Peregrinations
    Traveling or wandering around.
  13. Adenoidal
    Of or pertaining to an enlarged mass of lymphatic material between the back of the throat and nose. May hinder breathing
  14. Restitution
    The restoring of something lost or stolen to it's proper owner.
  15. Purloin
  16. Onerous
    Involving an amount of stress and difficulty that is oppressively burdensome.
  17. Expedient
    Convenient and practical, although possibly immoral or improper
  18. Graphomane
    Graphomania a.k.a scribomaina. An obsessive compulsion to write.
  19. Petroliferous
    Yielding or containing petrolium.
  20. Decanting
    Gradually pouring from one container to another.
  21. Seragilos
    (Seraglio) Women's appartments in a Muslim Palace
  22. Enervating
    To feel drained of energy or vitality; weakening.
  23. Archon
    Each of the nine chief magistrates in ancient Athens.
  24. Mythomane
    A person who compulsively lies.
  25. Sidereal
    Of or relating to the starts or constellations; stellar.
  26. Polemical
    A controversial argument.
  27. Calumny
    A false statement maliciously made to harm another's reputation.
  28. Dissemination
    To scatter widely.
  29. Clandestine
    Kept or done in secret.
  30. Apotheosis
    Exaltation to divine rank or status.
  31. Caryatids
    A supporting column in the form of a draped female figure.
  32. Plinths
    A block or slab where a sculpture can be placed.
  33. Variegated
    Having streaks marks or patches of different colors.
  34. Rarefied
    Belonging to or reserved for a small select group.
  35. Punctiform
    Having the form of a point.
  36. Pulviscular
    Resembling fine powder
  37. Pluvial
    Of or relating to rain.
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