17th century background and satire

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  1. Verbal irony
    a character says one thing but means something else
  2. Juvenalian satire
    Bitter angry contempt and moral indignation to the corruption and evil of human beings and institution
  3. Understatement
    dramatic or humorous effect of less importance than the occasion would warrant
  4. Pun
    verbal humor evoked by playing on different meanings of the same word or of different words with the same sounds.
  5. Dramatic Irony
    the reader knows more than the characters do
  6. Horatian satire
    aims to correct by gentle and sympathetic laughter
  7. Situational Irony
    the outcome is expected but something else happens
  8. Hyperbole
    exaggeration for effect
  9. Age of Reason
    also called Age of Enlightenment
  10. What swept London in 1665?
    A fire, it was a bad omen for Charles I
  11. Bloodless Revolution
    James II escaped to France to avoid the same fate as his father
  12. Satire
    points to existing problems and encourages change.
  13. Novel
    new form of literature published periodically
  14. Sir Isaac Newton
    • published a monumental study of gravity
    • and movement of the planets
  15. Carpe Diem Poetry
    Cavalier and Metaphysical Poets
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