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  1. compact bone:
    on surface of all bones , strength , hardness ( osteons) dense bone tissue- few spaces
  2. spongy bone:
    tissue large spaces marrow filled, ( interior bone) store energy blood production trabeculae
  3. lateral
    farther from midline of body
  4. medial
    toward middle of body
  5. sagittal plane:
    plane dividing the body into right and left sides
  6. midsagittal plane:
    divides into equal right an left halves
  7. frontal plane:
    plane divides into front and back portions
  8. horizontal plane:
    divides into superior and inferior portions
  9. osteoblast
    form new bone tissue
  10. osteoclast
    beak down bone
  11. osteocyte
    maintain tissue
  12. osteoprogenator
    cell division
  13. ventral cavity
    contains most of viscera
  14. thoracic cavity
    chest cavity contains heart and lung
  15. pleural cavity
    contains the lung
  16. mediastinum
    contains thoracic except lungs
  17. Pericardial cavity
    space between visceral and parietal pericardium
  18. abdominal cavity
    most digestive organs
  19. pelvic cavity
    reproductive organs
  20. dorsal cavity
    cranial and vertebral cavity
  21. cranial cavity
    contains brain
  22. vertebral cavity
    large posterior body cavity
  23. motor unit:
    a motor neuron with all the muscle fibers it stimulates
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