week 5. unit 38, 39

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  1. ~ take the bull by the horns
    bite the bullet
  2. do st too soon
    cướp cò súng
    jump the gun
  3. no changing your mind/principle...
    stick to your guns
  4. lườm nguýt sb
    look daggers at sb
  5. nói lời cay đắng
    put the knife in
  6. ~add fuel to the flames
    twist the knife
  7. always to be blamed
    I'm in the firing line all the time
  8. người toàn quyền
    he calls the shots these days
  9. just wait
    hold fire
  10. their blood is up
    they are up in arms
  11. bản thân anh ta là kẻ thù lớn nhất
    he is his own worst enemy
  12. làm j vô ích, dã tràng xe cát mà thôi
    you are fighting a losing battle
  13. liều. phá đường lui
    burn your bridges
  14. when the situation becomes serious
    when it comes to the crunch
  15. điểm yếu của sb
    a chink in his armour
  16. ở giữa 2 ng cãi nhau (2 người quan trọng, thân với mình)
    be caught in the crossfire
  17. có chính kiến vào cố làm mọi người tin
    have an axe to grind
  18. làm ai chảy nước miếng
    it makes my mouth water
  19. ng thích ăn đồ ngọt
    he has a sweet tooth
  20. thing that makes good-> better situation
    the icing on the cake (for sb)
  21. được voi đòi tiên
    he wants to have his cake and eat it


    you can't have your cake and eat it
  22. cái j để lại kỉ niệm buồn
    st leaves a sour taste in your mouth
  23. bẽ mặt
    have egg on your face
  24. fantastic
    be the best/greatest thing since sliced bread
  25. job
    your bread and butter
  26. cho kết quả khả quan
    your work is bearing fruit
  27. popular
    flavour-of-the-month actress
  28. not wanted anymore
    be past my sell-by date

    I've passed my sell-by date
  29. till the end of st bad
    do st to the bitter end
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