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  1. Identify the person who looks after raising the food surpluses
    identify the person who takes on trades
    Explain the links between two roles in a society.
    • Due to peasants surpluses of food therefore there was a division of labor specialization of labor
    • You could be a merchant craftsperson soldier and more
  2. Identify and explain the effects of the development of irrigation on early civilizations?
    The development of irrigation in early civilization was very good because once they had irrigation done they could raisetheir size agricultural products therefore more surpluses
  3. Identify and explain the role of religion in one of the ancient societies go we studyed in class
    • The Mesopotamian religion with the oldest known religion.The Mesopotamians were polytheistic the king had temples built. The people made sacrifices to the Gods and had feasts to honor them.
    • They made sacrifices to bring good luck for farming water food etc.
  4. Identify and explain how writing was invented in how involved.
    • Writing was invented to indicate contracts then communication then to write down important times of history and crisis.
    • Cuneiform was the first form of writing in Mesopotamia,they wrote it on Clay tablets.In Egypt their first form of writing was hieroglyphics which is composed of objects ideas and sounds.
    • They wrote it on stone then on paper made of papyrus.
  5. Identify and explain how power emerged and was structured in . early civilizations
    One king (leader) on top everybody submitted to his authority, for example when the Egyptians built the great pyramid of Giza almost every able man,slave,peasant was working on it just for a burial tomb for the Pharaoh(s) that how much power the (leader) has.
  6. Identify some key inventions and explain how those inventions assisted the flow of trade.
    • Writing for communication,wheels for transportation.
    • Wheels people helped merchants so that they could travel greater distances for trade.
    • Writing helped trade because you could wright down (or use a seal) the sale contracts and have proof that the contract was confirmed.
  7. Chose an early civilization and identify and explain the social hierarchy.
    • The Nile valley has indeed a social hierarchy,the Pharaoh was at the top he was in charge of just about everything the irrigation projects the development of agriculture and trade ECT.Then it was the nobles which were the high priests of
    • Egypt,wealthy, influential in times of war and crisis.Folloed by the free people peasants and last but not least the slaves.
  8. Identify and explain the role of law and justice in an early civilization.
    Law and justice is very important in Mesopotamia because without laws & justice everybody would be running not caring about anyone (every man for himself) not even caring if someone got hurt but then the smart king Hammurabi created a stele containing 282 laws based on values common to Mesopotamians. The laws covered all aspects of daily life.most of them were the same an eye for a eye...the social status of the accused determined the severity of the sanction.
  9. Explain what the following words mean
    Nomadic lifestyle period
  10. 10 years
  11. Used to an make an impression on soft clay example (sales contract)
  12. The science the sequencing dates
  13. A legendary Mesopotamian king (two parts god 1part human)
  14. The period time before writing was invented
  15. The world's first writing system
  16. For taxing and planning purposes
  17. Pyramid once the world's tallest building
  18. The year that indicates Jesus Christ was born
    One ce
  19. Societies that shared territory institutions and culture
  20. Little is known about this valley
    The Indus Valley
  21. Egyptian river
    The Nile
  22. Creator of doctrine positive virtues for peace
  23. Mesopotamian pen?
  24. One who knew how to read and write
  25. Thousand years
  26. One who worships many gods
  27. A multi story sacred temple in Mesopotamia
  28. Emerged to manage the Nile River
    The Pharaoh
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