Alterations of Consciousness

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  1. What is a perception that does not correspond to physical reality ?
  2. What three perspectives can consciousness be approached by ?
    • Physiological
    • Cognitive
    • The Experiential
  3. What is the Physiological perspective concerned with ?
    consciousness as studied within neuroscience using methods appropriate for biological sciences
  4. A sub-topic the "Quantum Mind" - having to do with small distance in the brain is a sub-topic of what perspective of consciousness ?
  5. What is the Cognitive perspective concerned with ?
    Cognitive processes involved in consciousness such as; perception, thinking, memory, decisions making & creativity
  6. What is the Experiential perspective concerned with ?
    Conscious experience that a person has for herself
  7. What is a person's examination of her own experiences as a primary method of investigation ?
  8. What is the Phenomenological perspective ?
    Make sense of the subject feeling
  9. What is the "Hard Problem"?
    Connections between the Physiological & Experiential
  10. Are there explanatory gaps between the three perspectives & it is not clear how these interconnections actually occur ?
  11. What are the four definitions of consciousness ?
    • Consciousness1 - registration of information and acting on it in a goal-directed manner
    • Behavioral Consciousness2 - explicit knowledge of one's situation, mental states, and actions demonstrated behaviorally
    • Subjective Consciousness2 - Experiential stream of events that occurs subjectively for a person
    • Consciousness3 - sense of existence of the subject. Quality of the experience of existence itself
  12. What level of consciousness is the ability to make discrimination among various stimuli, to process that information, and at least act in a goal-directed manner ?
  13. What level of consciousness is processing of information sophisticated enough that an organism demonstrates substantial explicit knowledge of its own situation, internal states, and actions ?
    Behavioral Consciousness2
  14. What level of consciousness is where thoughts, feelings, and sensations occur for us in a stream-like manner within the confines of our subjective experience ?
    Subjective Consciousness2
  15. What level of consciousness is a feeling of existence associated with being oneself that accompanies the contents of one's experience ?
  16. What is defined as a qualitative alteration in the overall pattern of mental functioning, such that the experience feels his consciousness is radically different from the way it functions ordinarily, and by whom ?
    Charles Tart - Altered state of consciousness
  17. What is the definition of the distinctiveness and stability of a pattern of psychological functioning ?
    Altered state
  18. What is the definition of the pattern of psychological functioning is more amorphous ?
  19. What is represented by the notion that reality is entirely physical in nautre, apparently in the sense that the world is essentially a machine that functions in a deterministic manner ?
    Material pole
  20. What consists of the notion that consciousness is ontologically primitive and that the physical world is a byproduct of consciousness ?
    Transcendent pole
  21. What emphasizes the subjective, experiential aspects of consciousness and believe that consciousness gives meaning to reality and provides evidence of a spiritual dimension ?
    Conservatively transcendent position
  22. What are more likely to believe that they have had unusual experiences and to emphasize altered states of consciousness ?
    Extraordinarily transcendent position
  23. What was used to demonstrate the existence of extrasensory perception ?
    Ganzfeld Procedure
  24. What is associated with a personality characteristic called 'understanding' that is essentially concerned with interest in the pursuit of rational knowledge about the world
    Transcendent beliefs
  25. Who are more curious about the world, more open to experience, strive more conscientiously toward goals in life, and are less concerned about what others think of them than those with materialist beliefs ?
    Conservatively Transcendent
  26. Who are not only more curious, open to the world, and unconcerned about others perceptions of them but they also tend to be unorganized, adventurous, and spontaneous ?
    Extraordinarily Transcendent
  27. What aspects does science have ?
    • Essence
    • Methodology
    • World View
  28. What two modes of practice does science have ?
    • Inauthentic
    • Authentic
  29. What mode of practice is called scientism and resembles the practice of a religious faith ?
    Inauthentic mode
  30. What mode of practice is not the accumulation of objective information but the acquisition of knowledge for someone
    Authentic mode
  31. What does authentic science include ?
    • Collection of information
    • Specific traditional scientific methods
    • Development of materialist theories as explanations for ones data
  32. What is the name in that what is known about the nature of reality may depend on the state of consciousness in which a person finds herself ?
    State Specific Sciences
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