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  1. 1G = Ibs. of Earth’s Gravity. 

    - Gray Outs & Black Outs

    - Relives Physical Tension.
    Purpose of Anti G- System
  2. - To Eliminate or reduce the adverse effects of such maneuvers , fighter & attack type. 

    + 5 Rubber Bladders
    + Compresses - lower parts of the body
    + tightening for adequate blood & oxygen - maintained to the brain.
    Anti G- Suit

    + pnuematicallly operated. 
    + controls Anti G- Suit inflation & deflation. 
    + Air Source & Low Pressure controls suit inflation & deflation.
    Anti G- Suit Valve
  4. - a piece of rubber that creates a seal between the lower spring & lower chamber. 

    + Creates a Seal 
    + Encloses lower chamber
    Lower Diaphragm
  5. - valve opens to allow air flow from the lower chamber to the upper changer for suit inflation. 

    + closed during static & and suit exhaust conditions. 
    + normally closed.
    Demand Valve
  6. - spring tends to push the demand valve & exhaust valve upward, closing the demand valve. 

    + Compressed by G- Forces
    + demand valve will open
    Lower Spring
  7. - valve opens to release air pressure from the suit during a suit exhaust condition & closes during a suit inflation condition. 

    + vents suit air pressure.
    + Closed during 2 G’s or MORE
    Exhaust Valve
  8. -  provides a seal between the exhaust valve & weight during suit inflation. 

    - opened by the Upper Spring when G Force is decreased by 2 G’s.
    Upper Diaphragm
  9. - this valve limits maximum suit pressure (9 to 11 psig) & prevents over-inflation of the suit.
    Suit Relief Valve
  10. - is positioned around the exhaust valve. 
    + Pushes up on the upper diaphragm &  weight to open the exhaust valve.
    Upper Spring
  11. - Gravity or positive G-forces move it downward to close the exhaust valve and open he demand valve during suit inflation condition. 

    + Air from lower chamber to upper to inflate suit.
  12. - weight moves down to close the exhaust valve & open the demand valve (simulating a positive G- force) 

    + Leak checks the suit, the supply hose, & the connections before the FLT. 
    + Check the suit relief valve for proper operation
    + Provide a massage during long flights.
    Manual Inflation Button
  13. - Less and 2 G’s and no air is being released from the suit. 

    + Lower Spring pushes demand valve closed
    + exhaust valve is open
    + Partially cooled air is applied to the lower chamber from the ac sys. 
    + No air pressure is being relieved from the suit.
  14. - 2Gs or more, weight will push down on the upper diaphragm & seat it against the exhaust valve, closing the exhaust valve. 

    Air from the Lower Chamber into the Upper Chamber
    Thru opened demand valve INTO suit. 

    + protected by relief valve.
    Suit Inflation
  15. - G- force stabilizes: air pressure in the upper chamber equals the amount of force applied downward. 

    + lower spring will begin to expand to close the demand valve. 
    + exhaust valve also remains closed.
    + air pressure in the suit is maintained as long as G-force is constant.
    Constant G
  16. - Excessive G forces end or drop 2 G’s

    + lower spring will push up (expand) & close demand valve.
    + stopping airflow into the suit. 
    + The weight & upper diaphragm are pushed up by the upper spring opening exhaust valve.
    + providing an opening for airflow from the suit past the exhaust valve out to ambient.
    Suit Exhaust Condition
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