APES Aquatic Test

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  1. Lotic/ Lentic
    Lotic means not moving. Freshwater systems can be labeled as this
  2. Maximum Sustained yield
    Approach for looking at fish populations; set limitations on hunting for fish
  3. Stakeholders
    People involved in the tragedy of the commons. They advocated nature preserves,etc.
  4. Individual Transfer Rights
    Government gives fishermen specified percentage of the total allowable catch
    Habitat loss Invasive species Pollution Population Climate change Overfishing
  6. How to dispose of prescription drugs?
    Put in sanitary landfills
  7. Where is a massive water control project going on in the U.S.?
    Florida Everglades
  8. Mono Lake issue?
    It's getting saltier because all the freshwater is being taken out and not replenished
  9. LD50
    lethal dosage to kill 50% of a specific population
  10. One big difference between Three Gorges Dam and china's other megadams?
    3 Gorges was on one river and future megadams will block several tributaries
  11. How do cities like San Diego and Denver get their water?
    San Diego is fed through aqueducts; Denver from snowmelt. Both are pre-treated water.
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