Aquatic Test Daily Things

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  1. What are characteristics of aquatic biomes?
    • -Decide what the indicator species is
    • -Determine the overall healthiness of the ecosystem through abiotic and biotic factors
    •   ~salinity
    •   ~pH differences
    •   ~oxygen levels
  2. Water flow is most commonly hindered or restricted by what forces?
    Gravity as a feeding/pressure system
  3. Marine Protected areas are most prevalent in what areas?
    California and Alaska, Pacific Ocean, Wetlands in Florida
  4. Water is renewable...why are we worried?
    • We aren't worried about depletion but: pollution contaminants, etc. 
    • Solution, Mixtures in the ocean
    • -relocation-->free markets(Ozarka(c) Fiji(c))
  5. Common areas:how are they protected?
    Stakeholders. They want to make a sustainable ecosystem, feed everyone, and respond to crisis/weather anomalies
  6. Gravity is the primary force for water flow. How does that benefit populations?
    • 1)Predictable transport
    • 2)Dams, locks, spillways
  7. Sustainable fisheries limitations:
    • Specific Replication Stock a.k.a. age limit(Tragedy of the commons fish activity)
    • 2. Food/fish bait product
    • 3.Percent distribution
    • 4.Seasons
    • 5.Specific Skills
  8. Coastal Populations int he U.S. are what percent?
  9. Tragedy of the Commons countries are given how many km in shorelines?
  10. HIPPCO?
    An explanation for biodiversity loss. The letters basically go from most important to least important. Habitat loss>Overfishing
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