global final term 1

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  1. what is the scientific revolution
    huge turning point. brought us from a world of religion to a world of science.
  2. before the scientific revolution where did people get their ideas from science from
    • -ancient greek (Aristotle)
    • -catholic church
  3. galileo, Copernicus, and Isaac newton began to use the ________
    scientific method
  4. what is the scientific method
    the use of experimentation and observation to come up with an accurate conclusoin
  5. who proved the sun was the center of the universe while the catholic church still believed it was the earth
    galileo and copernicus
  6. what did the church do to galileo
    they put him on trial and made him say he was wrong or theyd kill he did even though he knew he was right
  7. what is the enlightenment
    movement of political ideas inspired by the scientists of the scientific revolution
  8. thinkers came up with new ideas about _____
  9. the enlightenment thinkers thought people had the power to____________
    govern themselves
  10. the enlightenment thinkers were tired of kings ruling and wanted to give ________ power to the people
  11. who is john locke
    came up with the idea that all men are  equal and have unalienable rights of life liberty and the pursuit of hapiness
  12. the American and French revolution was greatly influenced by
    enlightenment thinkers  and they laid the ground work for modern democracies of today
  13. when was the French revolution and why did it happen
    1789  when the middle class and lower class revolted and took power from the upper classes who ruled france for centuries they eventually captured the king and queen and cut off their heads
  14. who inspired the third estate
    they were inspired by democratic ideas of the enlightenment thinkers and by the American revolution
  15. what powers did the middle class gain due to the revoltion
    they set up a government that focused on the rights of people rather than the power of the king
  16. who and what was the reign of terror
    led by Robespierre when revolutionary leaders chopped off the head of their enemies
  17. what happened when napoleon became the leader of France
    France conquered most of western Europe spreading enlightenment ideas and the ideas of the revolution across Europe
  18. what inspired the hati revolution
    French and American revoltions
  19. who led the hati revoltion
    Toussaint l'overture gave hati independence from france
  20. what revolutions did simone bolivar rule
    most of the revolutions in south America - led toi independence from spai which had ruled most of latin America for hundreds of years
  21. what did latin American people want
    self determination and greater power for common citizens
  22. whats nationaism
    desire among people to have their own indeoendent country and a feeling of cevotion to ones country
  23. what did the rise of nationalism led to
    Italy to unify for the first time since the fall of the roman empire
  24. who led the nationalist movement in italy
    cavor and garibaldi
  25. what happened under the leadership of otto vin bismarck
    Prussia started to absorb german speaking neighbors through wars
  26. what is the industrial revolution
    switching from hand made goods to machine made goods
  27. ehy did the indrustrial rev start in england
    it had lots of coal and people who wanted to work
  28. what did urbanization lead to
    sudden growth of cities led to ollution and unsanitary conditions
  29. what did child labor cause
    they paid children less than adults
  30. the industrial rev allowed people to aquire products that are ___
    cheaper and more plentiful
  31. when did karl marx live
    during the industrial revolution he didn't like it
  32. what where the two classes mark believed in would always conflict with eachother
    the prolatariet (working class) and the bourgeosis (owning class )
  33. why did he believe the common worker would be forever enslaved by industry
    because they rich will just get richer and enslave the workers
  34. why did marx want the proletariat (workers) to rise up and start a revolution
    he wanted workers to take control of the means of production and they would make only what they needed and share everything
  35. whats communism
    the government owns all property and everyones paid the same
  36. what did marx believe communism would cause
    the end of evils of industrialization and capitalism and lead o a utopia with no government needed at all
  37. why did Europeans begin to go overseas
    they needed resources to produce mass goods
  38. whats imperialism
    when Europe used better technology to defeat and contril areas turning them into colonies for their reasources
  39. what was racist about imperialism and europe
    europe ffelt they needed to civilize th savage people the encountered
  40. what happened in the berlin conference of 1884
    Europeans took control of Africa and split it up between themselves without consent of africans
  41. what was the sepoy mutiny and boxer rebelliou do
    they both tried to resist imperialism and  failed and led to greater European control ans influence when
  42. what did the british trade to the Chinese
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