Neuroanatomy-Cerebral Cortex

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  1. What does the Pre-frontal lobes function ?
    • -Personality
    • -Adaptation of the personality to events and experiences
    • -Foresight and imagination
    • -Sense of self
  2. What is the function of the Frontal Lobe ?
    Main motor areas (originate movement that is co-ordinated elsewhere)
  3. What is the function of Parietal lobe ?
    • -Principle sensory area
    • -Touch
    • -Proprioception
    • -Lesions cause sensory losses
    • -Involvement in cognition
    • -Receptive speech loss
  4. Temporal Lobe
    • -Cognition
    • -Emotion
    • -Memory
    • -Links to the hippocampus and the limbic system are important to both of the above
    • -Wernicke’s area (tempero-parietal) special role in auditory association and speech comprehension
  5. Occipital lobe
    • -Vision
    • -Visual processing and visual association
    • -Involved in eye movement
    • -Hemianopia from damage
  6. What lobes does the lateral cerebral fissure (Sylvian fissure) separate ?
    Temporal  from the  parietal , frontal
  7. What does the circular sulcus separate ?
    It separates the insula from the temporal , parietal , and frontal lobes.
  8. What does the longitudinal cerebral fissure separate ?
    The right and left hemispheres
  9. What does the central sulcus (the fissure of Rolando) separate ?
    Separates the frontal and parietal lobe.
  10. What does the parieto-occipital fissure separate ? t
    the parietal lobe from the occipital lobe.
  11. What does the Corpus Callosum do ?
    The corpus callosum connects the two hemispheres
  12. What do the Transverse (commissural) fibres do ?
    interconnect the two cerebral hemispheres (mainly the corpus callosum)
  13. What do projection fibers do ?
    Projection fibers connect the cerebral cortex with lower portions of the brain or the spinal cord.
  14. What do Association fibers do ?
    connect the various portions of a cerebral hemisphere and permit the cortex to function as a coordinated whole.
  15. What does the Primary Motor Cortex do ?
    -The primary motor projection cortex is located on the anterior wall of the central sulcus.

    -These cells control voluntary movements of skeletal muscle on the opposite side of the body.
  16. What is the function of the Primary Sensory Cortex ?
    sensory information received from the skin, mucosa, and other tissues of the body and face is located in the postcentral gyrus and is called the somatesthetic area,
  17. Why can the  frontal and perietal lobes be considered a secondary sensory cortex ?
    They also receive sensory stimuli .
  18. Where is the cortical taste area located ?
    Close to facial sensory area
  19. Where is the primary Visual Cortex located ?
    Occipital lobe.

    • Right lobe - right half of each eye
    • Left
    • Top 
    • Bottom -
  20. Where is the Primary auditory cortex ?
    is located in the superior temporal gyrus toward the lateral cerebral fissure.

    Wernicke's area
  21. What makes up the Basal Ganglia ?
    • Caudate nucleus
    • Putamen 
    • Globus pallidus
    • Corpus straitum
  22. Functionally, what do the basal ganglia and their interconnections and neurotransmitters form ?
    Extrapyramidal system.
  23. What is the function of the Extrapyramidal system ?
    • -Motor instructions 
    • -Stabilizes complicated systems that control movement
    • -Helps to direct action and interpret sensory information
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