Neuroanatomy - Ventricles and CSF

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  1. What secretes CSF ?
    Choroid Plexus

    Choroid plexus are areas where the lining wall of the ventricle is very thin and has a profusion of capillaries
  2. How does the CSF get from the 4th ventricle to the brain and spinal cord ?
    4th ventricle > foramina > subarachnoid space > brain and spinal cord
  3. What collapses in the subarachnoid space to allow venous blood not to flow back into the CSF space. ?
    subarachnoid villi
  4. Name the portions of the Diagram ?
    Lateral Ventricles
    Third Ventricles
    Interventricular foramen
    Cerebral aqueduct
    Fourth Ventricle 
    Central Canal
    Image Upload
    Image Upload
  5. Explain the flow of cerebral spinal fluid ?
    Choroid plexus > Laterla ventricles > Intreventricular > third ventricle > Cerebral aqueduct of sylvius > From the fourth ventricle, the fluid passes through the Foramen of Magendie (medial) and Foramen of Luschka (lateral) to enter the subarachnoid space >arachnoid villi > Dural spaces > Jugular vein
  6. How much CSF is made a day , how much is typically in the brain ?
    720 ml a day

    120ml is in the brain
  7. What can TB meningitis cause ?
    TB meningitis – block of aqueduct of Sylvius - hydrocephalus
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