Cell Biology Vocabulary 1

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  1. What is the mitotic cdk-cyclin called?
    MPF or Maturation Factor
  2. What is MPF responsible for?
    • Nuclear Membrane Breakdown
    • Spindle assembly
    • Chromosome Condensation
    • Activating Anaphase
  3. What is the MPF-cyclins and cdks required for cell cycle progression?
  4. What are the phases of Mitosis?
    • Interphase (2n)
    • Prophase (4n)
    • Mataphase (segregation)
    • Anaphase (segregation)
    • Telophase (segregation)
    • Daughter Cells (2*2n)
  5. What are the phases of Meiosis?
    • Interphase (2n)
    • Prophase I (4n)
    • Metaphase I (Pairing)
    • Anaphase I (Segregation)
    • Telophase I (segregation)(2*2n)
    • Prophase II (2*2n)
    • Metaphase II (Segregation)
    • Anaphase II (Segregation)
    • Telophase II (Segregation)(4*1n)
    • Daughter cells (4*1n)
  6. Think of a diagram that shows the steps of mitosis and meiosis?
  7. What is Meiosis?
    • Formation of four haploid cells, each with one complete copy of genome
    • Recombination
    • crossing-over in prophase I
    • independent assortment of nonhomologous chromosomes
    • results in genetic diversity
    • Meiosis occurs at some point in life cycle of all sexually reproducing organisms
  8. Think of a more creative diagram for meiosis?
  9. What is Leptotene?
    Prophase I. the chromosomes become visible as long, thin single threads. The process of chromosome contraction continues in leptotene and throughout the entire prophase. Small areas of thickening (chromomere) develop along chromosome, which give it the appearance pf a necklace of beads.
  10. what is Zygoteme?
    Prophase I. Active pairing of the threads ,akes it apparent that the chromosome complement of the meiocycle is in fact two complete chromosome sets. Thus, each chromosome has a pairing partner, and the two become progressively paired, or synapsed, side by side as if by zipper.
  11. What is Pachytene?
  12. What is Diplotene?
  13. What is Diakinase
  14. What are chiasmata?
    • sire of crossing over?
  15. What is Metaphase I
  16. Describe Early Anaphase I and Late Anaphase I
  17. Describe Telophase II
  18. What are Tetrad and Young Pollen Grains?
  19. Drawing challenge!!! Draw Meiosis.
  20. Draw a chromatid and (dyad/bivalent) homologous sister chromatids.
  21. Describe the attachments of spindle fibers on chromatids. (centromeres and kinetochores)
  22. DNA replication occurs counterclockwise or clock wise?
  23. Describe Telomere Lengthening?

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