Jesus Christ in Scripture terms

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  1. Trinity
    the mystery of one God in three divine Persons: The Father, Son and the Holy Spirit
  2. Wisdom
    a spiritual gift that makes it possible to for someone to know about the purpose and plan of God; one of the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit
  3. Reason
    the ability to think, decide and form conclusions in a logical way
  4. Divine Revalation
    God's communication of himself, by which he makes known the mystery of his divine plan, a gift of self-communication which is realized by words and deed over time, and most fully by sending us his own divine son, Jesus
  5. Faith
    Believing in God and all that he has revealed; faith is both a gift from God made possible by accepting and submitting to grace and a free, human choice
  6. Discipleship
    Accepting Jesus as our Lord and Savior and following him by studying and putting his ways into practice
  7. Doctrine
    General church teachings
  8. Dogma
    Fundamental truths of Revelation that have been defined by the Church as "de fide" and must be held by all Catholics
  9. Council of Nicea
    First ecumenical council held in year 325 in modern-day Turkey
  10. Nicene Creed
    profession of Catholic faith, which came from the first ecumenical Councils of Nicea and Constantinople
  11. Theology
    The study of God or of religious faith and practice. Saint Augustine described it as "reasoning or concerning the deity" (City of God VII, i)
  12. Logic
    Specific method of forming an arguement or conclusion through the use of reason
  13. Objective
    Not influenced by personal feelings or opinions when considering or representing facts
  14. Subjective
    An attitude or viewpoint arising from personal background, experience, bias or reflection
  15. Mysticism
    An intensive experience or direct communication of love of and union with God
  16. Contemplative prayer
    A solemn, silent expression of prayer that focuses on Jesus and the word of God
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