Ch 21

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  1. Great Hunger
    The agricultural collapse of the Irish potato market, causing widespread starvation and immigration to the USA
  2. proletarianization
    The process of putting artisans as well as laborers as a commodity in the labor market place
  3. Chartism
    A program of political reform that many British workers participated in to reform six points.
  4. English Factory Act
    A law forbidding children under nine for employment, limited work hours, and required factories owners to pay for education two hours out of the day.
  5. bobbies
    The nickname given to the London police force created in 1829
  6. transportation
    A punishment given to serious offenders an oppurtunity to go and live in the colony of Australia. By the british
  7. Philadelphia System
    A method in crime control where prisoners were rigorously kept separate from each other
  8. Thomas Malthus
    An economist that scared many by making the assumption that agriculture must be proportionate to population and that only by starvation can the working demand be brought down.
  9. David Ricardo
    Was beside Thomas Malthus in his ideas on opoulation and agriculture
  10. Zollverein
    A free trading union composed of major german states except austria
  11. utilitarianism
    creating codes of science law that were founded on the principle of utility, the greatest happiness for the greatest number
  12. utopian socialists
    the earliest people to define the social question was a group of writers
  13. anarchists
    People who favored a lack of government.
  14. Marxism
    A major influence on socialism, created the socialist philosophy
  15. second republic
    A second reform in France that removed the current leader and put in a new one.
    The new president of France, known as the emperors nephew.
  17. Vienna Uprising
    A student led rebellion in Vienna against the nonliberal constitution laid before them
  18. Magyar Revolt
    Another revolution based off of the Vienna Reoluiotn demandin freedoms and things
  19. Pan-Slavism
    a tool to gain support of nationalist minorities in eastern Europe.
  20. kleindeutsch
    the Austrian rejecton of german unitification???
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