female male urinary test term

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  1. multigravida
    Had two or more pregnancies
  2. Prepuce
  3. episiotomy
    incision through perineum
  4. prepartum
    before giving birth
  5. hysterectomy
    excision uterus
  6. menorrhea
    monthly menstruation
  7. eunuch
    castrated male
  8. contraceptive
    prevents fertilization
  9. postnatal
    after birth
  10. parturition
    giving birth
  11. orchidectomy
    excision of the testes
  12. acromegaly
    enlargement of extremities due to excessive growth hormone in adult
  13. gigantism
    excessively large
  14. hirsutism
    excessive hair in women (facial)
  15. progeria
    premature old age
  16. dwarfism
    abnormally small
  17. cretinism
    congenital deficiency of thyroid hormone
  18. cushing's disease
    hypersecretion of cortisol with "buffalo hump" (hump that develops on upper part of the back similar to hunch)
  19. virilism
    masculinity in female
  20. insulin
    for carb metabolism
  21. hemodialysis
    artificially separates waste from blood
  22. oliguria
    scanty urine
  23. renal failure
    cessation of kidney's function
  24. nocturia
    excessive urination at night
  25. nephrolith
    kidney stone
  26. lithotripsy
    crushing kidney stone
  27. enuresis
  28. antidiuretic
    decreases urine secretion
  29. diuresis
    excessive flow of urine
  30. incontinence
    inability to hold urine
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