Virology 575 Lecture 2

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  1. Definition of Virus
    Small, infectious, obligate intracellular parasite capable of replicating within host cell
  2. Properties of Virus
    • Genome: RNA or DNA
    • Directs synthesis of virion components within appropriate host cell
    • Progeny made exclusively of newly made components
    • Progeny spread and infect new cells
  3. Common steps in life cycle of all viruses
    Attachment, Penetration, Uncoating, Biosynthesis of new genome/proteins, assembly, and release
  4. What ultimately determines a specific viruses pathogenicity?
    How well the host cell responds.
  5. Removal of apoptotic inhibitors does what to a viruses virulence
    Decreases it, cell can now an hero and save day
  6. Edward Jenner
    Small pox/cow pos inoculation
  7. Koch's Postulates work perfectly for viruses
  8. Current area of virus research it in regard to what?
    Molecular pathogenicity
  9. HIV is a ___ virus
  10. Routes of human infection
    Conjunctiva, Mouth/Nose, Respiratory tract, Capillary, Anus, GT, UT
  11. Viruses have what kind of locations for replication
  12. One step growth curve:
    • Eclipse period: time when no virus found
    • Latent period: Virus found withen cells, not in media
    • Eventually release virus>cellular virus because all cells dead
  13. PFUs=
    Plague forming units
  14. In many viruses the negative health effects are from what
    Immune response (innate)
  15. Viruses are classified by:
    • Viral genome (RNA or DNA)Capsid (shape or outer proteins)
    • Lipid membrane presence (Envelope)
    • Size
    • -or-
    • Based on Disease caused
    • -or-
    • Baltimore Classification system
  16. Largest virus
  17. Baltimore Classification system
    • Based on what the initial genetic material is (And how it becomes +RNA that codes):
    • I- +/- DNA
    • II- +DNA
    • III- +/- RNA
    • IV- +RNA that turns into - RNA
    • V- -RNA
    • VI- +RNA that turns into -DNA
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