WLE week 3

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  1. the five procedures used when applying personal protective grounds on an overhead line
    • identify
    • isolate
    • test
    • clean 
    • ground
  2. what two methods do companies use to to safe off boom or lift trucks when they are in the proximity of energized lines
    ground the vehicle; barricade the vehicle
  3. the most effective means of ensuring the protective equipment operates as fast as possible in the event of accidental contact of a derrick or aerial lift truck is to ground to the
    system neutral
  4. when applying personal protective grounds always connect the _____ ______ end first
    ground source
  5. when stringing wire parallel to an energized line each bare conductor must be grounded in increments so that no point along it's length is more than _ _____ from a ground
    2 miles
  6. when clearing a capacitor ban it is an OSHA requirement to wait _ _______ after de-energizing the capacitor bank before installing personal protective grounds
    5 minutes
  7. what is a foreign ground
    any unit or item attached to a structure in the work area that is located above the cluster bracket, and that can provide a path to ground; additionally this unit or item should be bonded with personal protective grounds and connected in conjunction with the grounding scheme
  8. what do induced voltages on de energized transmission lines typically range from
    1,000-15,000 volts
  9. since underground cables cannot be visually traced to clearance points _____ __________ is critical when grounding or working on underground and distribution lines
    cable identification
  10. what is it necessary to install before cutting or opening a conductor in conjunction with the grounding source
  11. when performing work on underground cables it is important to install a jumper on the ______ _______ before cutting the cable to insure that metallic sheath continuity is maintained
    concentric neutral
  12. when removing grounds, which end is removed first
    the conductor end
  13. what is the golden rule of grounding
    always connect to ground source first and then connect to the conductor; follow the reverse procedure when removing grounds
  14. EPZ procedure
    test; clean; install cluster bracket and connect to ground source; connect jumper to cluster bracket first and then to any phase; connect jumper to ground phase first and then phase;repeat;
  15. what is a running ground used for
    used to protect lineworkers on the ground when stringing conductors
  16. what are stringing block grounds
    used to bleed off induction and static when stringing conductors
  17. where should stringing blocks be installed
    on first structure from the payout and tensioning equipment; never more than 2 miles between
  18. if boom is not rated for the voltage being worked on...
    connect to ground source; connect an additional jumper from the truck to phase being worked on
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