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  1. working toward the goal of optimal excellenc3e int h services rendered to every patient; includes review of the PCR
    cotinouous quality improvement
  2. discoloration of body tissues in the lower or dependent areas of the body, caused by the collection of coagulated blood
    dependent lividity
  3. the end fo life wishes recorded in writing by the patient before death, to stop any resuscitation attempts in case of cardiac arrest
    DNR order
  4. national organization that defines what to document in prehospital care reports, setting standards with EMS experts, and ultimatly to srve as data collection center to promote research
    National emergency medical services informatio system (NEMSIS)
  5. physical signs that can be visualized by the EMT
    objective findings
  6. identification information provided by the patient or by family or friens; includes patient's name, age, gender, dob, and address
    Patient Data
  7. the standardized patient record used in the EMS system
    Patient care report
  8. state of body stiffness caused by the depletion of proteins in muscles after death
    rigor mortis
  9. the part of the documentation that records the location, type of call, and times related to the response
    run data
  10. symptoms reported by the patient but not seen by the EMT
    subjective findings
  11. special tag with more limited but critical information on a patient's status, attached to patients in a MCU
    triage tag
  12. symbole for male
    circle with arrow on top right
  13. symbol for a woman
    circle with cross at the bottom
  14. abb for before
    a with a line over it
  15. abb for blood pressure
  16. abb for with
    c with a line over it
  17. abb for coplaining of
  18. abb for cardiopulmonary resuscitation
  19. abb for date of birth
  20. abb for History
  21. abb for Left lower quadrant
  22. abb for Left upper quadrant
  23. abb for Nitroglcerin
  24. abb for Oxygen
    O with a small a small to on the bottom right
  25. abb for By mouth
    PO, po
  26. abb for Patient
  27. abb for Physical examination
  28. abb for Right lower quadrant
  29. abb for Right upper quadrant
  30. abb for sublingual
  31. abb for Shortness of breath
  32. abb for treatment
  33. abb for Years old
  34. the effectiveness of a PCR depends on
    • 1.) accuracy and honesty
    • 2.) clarity
    • 3.) chronology and trends
    • 4.) completeness
  35. patient assessment data includes:
    critical signs and symptoms, cheif complaint, vital signs, mental status, assessment of the skin
  36. patient treatment data
    treatment, transportation method, time of transport, and notification to the hospital
  37. how do you correct an error on the PCR
    draw a horizonal line through it and initial date and time.
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