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  1. 1.
    Position into prevailing wind
  2. 2. E A I, H, A S H/S s - O.
    Engine Anti ice, Heater, air shour heat/start switches - off.
  3. 3.
    Altimeter 29.92
  4. 4.
    E - F, v
    EPCLs - Fly, verify 100% RPM R/1/2
  5. 5.
    E n b c, t, r
    EPCL on engine not being checked, 0-5% trq at 92-98% RPM1/2
  6. 6.
    C - trq, h
    Collective - 60% trq, hold for 30 s
  7. 7
    Record date, a/c hours, FAT, PA, tgt on hit log
  8. 8.
    E a-i a r o, i, d
    If the engine anti-ice on advisory remains on at 60% trq, increase to a minimum of 90% Ng, or until advisory disappears.
  9. 9.
    A s h/s s - e, tgt
    Air source heat/start switch - ENG.  If TGT rises more than 5', do not fly.
  10. 10.
    Air source heat/start switch - Off
  11. Anti-ice bleed and start valve check.
    E A-I s -
    - I i T
    - E a-i a
    - E i a-i a: T
    • Engine Anti-Ice switch - On and note
    • -Increase in TGT 30-110
    • -Eng Anti-Ice ON advisory appears.
    • -Eng Inlet Anti-Ice advisory: Inlet fairing temp at 93', FAT <4'.  FAT 4>13.  FAT >13
  12. 12.
    E a-i s -
    -D i T
    -E A-I a
    -E I A-I
    • Eng Anti-Ice switch - Off; note the following
    • -Decrease in TGT to approx. value in step 8
    • -Eng Anti-Ice advisory disappears.
    • -Eng Inlet Anti-Ice advisory disappears after inlet fairing <93'
  13. 13.
    C p
    Collective Pitch - Readjust to trq if necessary.
  14. 14.
    EPCL - Fly
  15. 15. Complete check for other engine.
    -T m i x o l...
    -T m i o a l...
    -T m i s o a l...
    -I u ...
    • -If TGT margin is 5'C or less from the limit, make an entry on DA 2408-13-1
    • -If TGT margin is outside acceptable limits, repeat check.  Make sure all procedures are followed.
    • -If TGT margin is still outside acceptable limits, do not fly, entry on DA 2408-13-1.
    • -If utilizing Logistics Info Sys (LIS), enter all HIT data IAW DA and local SOP.
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