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  1. To correct error on medical record
    cross out incorrect data with single line, write correction above it, initial and date
  2. Granularity or specificity
    coding to the most specific classification
  3. A doctor charges for a procedure: $28, $30, $29, $30, $28, $30
    $30 is the usual/customary fee
  4. CT scan to find neoplasm is not an aftercare
  5. HIPAA is _____ legislation that set standards for health insurers
  6. When your physician refers you to another provider transfers care of pt., it’s usually for:
    a specific condition
  7. poisoning codes (3 in ICD 9) should be sequenced
    substance, injury, cause
  8. High income earners don’t qualify for medicaid
    block or locator 1 - 13 of CMS-1500 is about patient 14 - 33 about provider
  9. What is the sequencing of poisoning codes
    substance, injury, cause
  10. Physician
    ultimately responsible for coding
  11. Review classification of neoplasm
    H&P means history and physical
  12. What is the birthday rule?
    in a household with two adult policy holders and child, the adult having the birthday which occurs in first in the year would be the primary health coverage
  13. on october 30 accounts showed outstanding balance last visit was July 30th Account is overdue by how many days?
    90 days
  14. Lipolysis pertains to
  15. In assignment of benefits
    carrier will pay the provider
  16. laceration wound is
    an irregular cut
  17. Therapeutic use of cold is
  18. E Codes/External cause codes explain:
    How and where of injury
  19. classification of medical records
    active inactive and deceased
  20. Hx is
  21. Most HMO require _________________ before hospitalization stay
  22. -stomy means
    forming new opening
  23. Myalgia means
    muscle pain
  24. codes for screening are
    V codes of ICD - 9
  25. CC, HPI, FHx, PFSHx are elements of
    history components of E/M
  26. Makes payment on obligation (like carriers) is the
    third party
  27. If person stays overnight
    he/she is an inpatient
  28. compliance plan includes:
    training, audit fraud advisories
  29. Suspected pneumonia, possible….. likely...… maybe…… are:
    rule out Dx for private practices and qualified Dx in hospitals
  30. Portable Oxygen Tank is a
    durable medical equipment
  31. EIN is a
    Federal ID number or Tax ID number
  32. NPI is the
    National Provider ID number - which every practitioner has.
  33. Procedure for removal of Kidney
  34. ▲ is the indication for
    code description change
  35. Coronal Plane divides the body into
    Anterior and Posterior segments
  36. DDE is
    Direct Data Exchange
  37. DDE Means
    claim should go directly to carrier
  38. A woman had a mast in her breast taken in for biopsy Dx result confirmed Ca. 5 days after she had a mastectomy ( ) code should have:
    ~78 modifier (return to surgery for a related procedure biopsy)
  39. Dx is
  40. Ca is
  41. Correct sequence of procedure codes are according to
  42. Correct sequence of diagnostic code is according to
  43. CM is
    Clinical Modification
  44. CM is for coding
    Diagnosis for outpatient and inpatient
  45. CCI
    Correct Coding Initiative - initiated by Medicare
  46. Inaccurate coding can lead to a:
    denied claim or reduced payment
  47. Volume 3 of ICD 9 is for
    procedural coding
  48. Anesthesia procedural code is
    not bundled into payment for surgical code
  49. Hospice care is covered by
    Medicaid Part A
  50. Original CPT codes have ___ digits
  51. Brackets enclose __________ in the coding books
  52. Usual - Customary - Reasonable Fees Method is
    used to determine carriers fee schedule
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