Open House Script

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  1. Are you thinking of buying in the area or do you live around here?
  2. “This one is priced at (price). Is that the price range you are looking in or are you looking higher or lower than that?”
  3. “This one is in (town or subdivision). Are you looking specifically in (town or subdivision) or are you also looking in (other likely subdivisions for Guests looking at this open)?”
  4. “This one is (square footage or number of bedrooms and baths). Is this the size property you are looking for or are you looking for something larger or smaller than this?”
  5. “Why don’t you tell me all the things you are looking for and I’ll make a note.”
  6. “Have you reviewed a copy of all the documents Buyers use in (the city or area) to purchase a home? It is (number) of pages. I find that when you are familiar with the documents ahead of time then you can make the best decisions and enjoy the process; even when it is crunch time and you are making all the big decisions involved in purchasing your next home. Would it be helpful to you to have a copy of all the documents?”
  7. “Has an Agent reviewed with you the whole purchase process? What inspectors you may want to use, the role of the attorney in this area, the appraisal process, and all the details. It’s not that complicated but there are a lot of details to anticipate. May I suggest that we get together I’ll go through the whole process with you, answer all your questions, and give you a copy of all the documents?
  8. I don’t bite. I promise. If we hit it off we’ll work together and I’ll help you buy the best possible new home. If we don’t hit it off, no pressure, I promise, you will just be a lot more confident and prepared to make the best possible decisions. How does that sound?”
  9. Would you be available at around 4:30 after the open house or a bit later on?
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