Aclands anatomy (The brain and its surroundings)

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  1. The largest part of the brain is also divided into...
    • The cerebrum
    • Cerebral hemispheres
  2. Below the cerebrum and separate from it is the...
  3. Both the cerebrum and the cerebellum grow out of the _________ which continues below with the ______ ______
    • Brainstem
    • spinal cord
  4. Each cranial fossa is occupied by which part of the brain?
    • Anterior CF = Frontal Lobe
    • Middle CF = Temporal lobes
    • Posterior CF = Cerebellum + Brainstem
  5. The cranial cavity is lined throughout by this tough shiny fibrous tissue:
    Dura, passes below through the foramen magnum becoming the Dura that lines the vertebral canal
  6. This extension of dura separates the posterior cranial fossa from the rest of the cranial cavity and the cerebellum below with the Cerebrum above.
  7. The opening in the Tentorium in which the brainstem passes through is called
    Tentorial Incisure
  8. Tissue that forms a midline partition between the two cerebral hemispheres and attaches to the Tentorium posteriorly and anteriorly to the ______ _____
    • Falx Cerebri
    • Crista galli
  9. The triangle that forms at the attachment of the Falx cerebri above is called the
    Superior sagital sinus
  10. The meninges are formed by:
    • Dura
    • Arachnoid
    • Pia
  11. The glossy surface on the outer brain that extends into each Sulcus and back out into each Gyrus is called
    • The Pia.
    • Each vessel that goes into the brain carries a sleeve of Pia along with it
  12. This delicate transparent membrane, that does NOT extend into the Sulcii, it just bridges over from one Gyrus to the next.
  13. Outside of the arachnoids (with no attachment to it) is this tougher layer of tissue that forms the meninges. Can be separated from the overlying bone.
  14. These arteries run in the thickness of the Dura
    The middle meningeal artery
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