PSYC 433 Chapter 1

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  1. 7 step research process
    • 1. Choosing a research question
    • 2. Conducting a literature review
    • 3. Developing a hypothesis
    • 4. Designing the study
    • 5. Conducting the study
    • 6. Analyzing the data
    • 7. Reporting the results
  2. Ways of Knowing:
    • Intuition-relying
    • on common sense as a means of knowing about the world.

    Ex suddenly knowing the answer to a problem.
  3. Ways of Knowing
    • Deduction-using
    • logical reasoning and current knowledge as a means of knowing about the world.

    • Ex: you may know from past experience that where you live, in the month of
    • September, days tend to still be warm but start to get cooler, especially at
    • night.
  4. Ways of Knowing
    • Authority-relying
    • on a knowledgeable person or group as a means of knowing about the world.

    • You may know there is a poverty crisis in some parts of Africa from authority
    • figures (e.g., magazine and newspaper reporters, Bono).
  5. Ways of Knowing
    • Observation-relying
    • on what one observes as a means of knowing about the world.
    • You may have observe that the earth is round by viewing photographs taken from
    • space of the earth.
  6. Canon of the Scientific Method
    Empiricism:knowledge about behavior can be gained by observing.

    • Observing behavior gives researchers a more accurate understanding of the causes of
    • behaviors than other methods of gaining knowledge.
  7. Canons of the Scientific Method
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