Geography hazard notes

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  1. Why floods and windstorms increasing
    increased warming of the earth causes warm air to rise , creating convection cells – which form hurricane. Increasing temperature increases evaporation which in turn leads to increasing rainfall – and therefore greater flooding
  2. How Hazard event become a disaster?
    When it occurs in areas where environment and people of vulnerable
  3. Why do people remain exposed to hazards?
    • 1. Changing risks : it is difficult to predict when or where an event may occur or what the magnitude Will be.          !!!!                                  2. Lack of alternatives : often the world's poorest ,most vulnerable people are forced to live in unsafe locations such as hI'll slides or floodplains, or regions subject to droughts, owing to shortage of land or lack of knowledge were better alternatives.                                    3. Benefits versus cost people may subconsciously weigh up the benefits versus the cost of living in high-risk areas such as the benefits of fertile land on the flanks of a volcano four example mat outweigh the risk from eruptions
    • 4. Risk perception; people tend to be optimistic about the risk of hazards occuring
  4. Risk equation
    • R= frequency or magnitude of Hazard *level of vulnerability
    • Over
    • capacity to cope
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