Ancient India/China Quiz

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  1. What is Brahman?
    One supreme force
  2. What is Vishnu?
    The preserver
  3. What is brahma?
    The creator
  4. What is shiva?
    The destroyer
  5. What is the sacred river?
    The Ganges. It washes away sins.
  6. What is the basic philosophy of Hinduism?
    It is a guide that explains everything a person should do from birth to death.
  7. What is karma?
    • A persons behavior in life.
    • Good behavior = good karma
    • If you build up good karma you can move into another caste in the next life
  8. What is dharma?
    Caste rules. The duties a person performs to build karma.
  9. What is atman?
    The soul of a living being
  10. What's the ultimate goal of Hinduism?
    Moksha - total peace. When this happens, the cycle of reincarnation ends.
  11. What gods does Buddhism believe in?
  12. What is the ultimate goal of Buddhism?
    To reach nirvana.
  13. How does one reach nirvana?
    Following the eightfold path or "middle way", an individual can escape the cycle of reincarnation. This is done by purifying the mind and cleansing it of personal desire.
  14. What is suffering caused by?
  15. Does Buddhism support the caste system?
  16. Who started Buddhism?
    Siddhartha guatana
  17. What chandragupta maurya do?
    Unite the northern plain
  18. Who was asoka?
    The non-violent ruler of the maurya empire
  19. When did India enjoy a golden age?
    Gupta empire
  20. What did the Aryan's speak?
  21. What is ethnocentrism?
    A belief that your culture is superior to all others
  22. How does a dynasty lose the Mandate of Heaven?
    They treat the people unfairly and problems occur
  23. How do the people know when the Mandate of Heaven is lost?
    Problems like revolutions, natural disasters, and invasions happen
  24. What is a dynasty?
    A period of time when the religion is under the rule of one family
  25. Who was the "first empower" of China?
    Shi Huangdi
  26. Which dynasty had a golden age?
  27. Which dynasty introduced the Mandate of Heaven?
  28. How did Shi Huangdi die?
    Drinking mercury
  29. What did Han make the official religion of china?
  30. What did wang Chung argue?
    No scientific theory should be accepted without proof
  31. What are the five relationships?
    • Ruler and subject
    • Parent and child
    • Husband and wife
    • Sibling and sibling
    • Friend and friend
  32. What is filial piety?
    Deep respect for ones parents
  33. What are the analects?
    Sayings that taught people to accept their places and roles in society
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