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  1. Temparture
    is a numerical measure of heat or the absence of it
  2. Absolute Zero
    is the lowest temperature possible
  3. Heat
    to become warm or hot
  4. Thermal Energy
    the thermal kinetic energy of a substance's atoms
  5. Thermal Conduction
    the transfer of energy as heat through a material
  6. Thermal Conductor
    a material through which energy can be transferred as heat
  7. Thermal Insulator
    a material that reduces or prevents the transfer of heat
  8. Convection
    the transfer of thermal energy by the circlation or movement of a liquid or gas
  9. Radiation
    the transfer of energy as electromagnetic waves
  10. Specific Heat
    the quantity of heat required to raise a unit mass of homogeneous material 1K or 1C in a specific way given constant pressure and volume
  11. States of Matter
    the physical forms of matter, which include solid, liquid, and gas
  12. State of Change
    the act of changing something into something different in essential characteristics
  13. Thermal Expansion
    an increase in the size of a substance in response to an increase in the temperature of the substance
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