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  1. A single contraction and relaxation cycle of a muscle fiber
  2. The delay between the muscle action potential and the beginning of muscle tension that represents the time required for Ca²⁺ release and binding to troponin
    latent period
  3. A period of time immediately following an action potential in which another action potential can not occur for a couple msec
    refractory period
  4. Sustained muscle contraction
  5. Tight binding between actin and myosin in the absence of ATP
    Rigor Mortus
  6. Oxygen needed for metabolism to replace muscle ATP and phosphocreatine reserves
    Oxygen debt
  7. Breaks into creatine, an energy storage in muscles
    creatine phosphate
  8. A graphic representation of muscle contractions
  9. Inability of a muscle to continue to generate or sustain tension
  10. A contraction that creates force and moves a load
    isotonic contraction
  11. A contraction that creates force without movement
    isometric contraction
  12. A contraction in which the muscle lengthens while creating tension
    eccentric contraction
  13. A contraction in which the muscle shortens while creating tension
    concentric contraction
  14. The creation of tension in a muscle, an active process that requires energy input from ATP.
  15. The release of tension created by a contraction
  16. A response in which a contraction can not be partially made
    All or nothing response
  17. A curve represented on a myogram that demonstrates a force that the muscle is capable of generating when held at different lengths
    Length tension curve
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