BET week 3

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  1. three main components of a basic circuit
    source of electrical pressure; conductor; load
  2. what is the purpose in a basic circuit
    transmit energy to the point where it will be used
  3. define load in a basic circuit
    a device that uses the electrical energy from a source to accomplish some useful purpose
  4. what is the term for a circuit that does not have a complete path for current to flow
    open circuit
  5. what do we call a circuit in which the load has been bypassed and has excessive current flow
    short circuit
  6. name two characteristics of a short circuit
    does not have a load; load has been bypassed
  7. what three factors affect the strength of a generated voltage
    number of turns in the coil of wire; strength of magnetic field; speed at which the magnetic lines of flux pass through the coil
  8. define RMS
    because AC power falls to zero three times per cycle and DC does not, it is difficult to compare power in these two circuits. The RMS is the AC value of voltage that will produce the same amount of power as a like DC voltage.
  9. what value is displayed on most meters when reading voltage
  10. state the definition of a sine wave
    a graphical representation of what is happening to voltage in an AC circuit over a period of time
  11. what is a cycle
    on rotation of a generator
  12. how many times does a generator rotate in one full minute
  13. state the number of degrees a generator must rotate to produce one cycle
  14. at what angle of rotation will a generator produce its peak positive voltage
  15. how many times in one complete cycle is the voltage of AC sine wave at 0 volts
  16. a law of physics states energy can be _______ but not ______ __ ________
    converted; created or destroyed
  17. what are most power line circuits parallel series or a combination
    combination, with the lines being series and the equipment being parallel
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