HSCI 100 Midterm 1

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  1. What are Steroids?
    Lipids that are made of several fused carbon rings
  2. What is the form of Triglyceride?
    Triglyceride is an amphipathic molecule with glycerol at one end and three hydrocarbon chains at the other end
  3. What did Koch formulate?
    A set of criteria needed to satisfy the identification of a pathogen
  4. What is the control of internal conditions?
  5. What is the Endosymbiotic theory?
    The leading idea behind origin of eukaryotic cells
  6. What is Transcription?
    The process whereby DNA sequence is turned into mRNA sequences
  7. What holds A and T together as well as C and G?
    Hydrogen Bonds or Base Pairs
  8. What is a Genome?
    A complete copy of the DNA content in a cell or organism
  9. What are codons?
    The name for genetic code words
  10. What is Diploid?
    Ploidy of somatic cells in humans
  11. What bond that holds most biological molecules together?
    Covalent bond
  12. What is the name for diffusion of water?
  13. What is the domain of life that includes humans?
    Eukarya, Eukaryotes
  14. What is a macromolecule that can work structurally, enzymatically and genetically?
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