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  1. Frequency of absorption is measured in __ (___.

    Wavelength units typically are __.

    Frequency units are typically measured  in __. 

    Mid-infrared frequency range is __.
    • cm^-1 (wavenumbers)
    • microns (10,ooo microns= 1cm)
    • cm-1 (wavenumbers)
    • 4000-400 cm-1
  2. __ are higher than corresponding __ frequencies. (It is easier to __ a bond than to __ or __ it.)

    Bonds to hydrogen have __ than those of heavier atoms. 

    Triple bonds have __ than corresponding double bonds, which in turn have __ than single bonds (except for bonds to hydrogen).
    • stretching frequencies
    • bending frequencies
    • bend
    • stretch 
    • compress
    • higher stretching freq. x3
  3. Which has the higher frequency in terms of tetrahedral carbons?
    sp> sp2> sp3
  4. Infrared (IR) spectroscopy measures what?

    Mass spectrometry __.

    Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy __. 

    UV spectroscopy uses __.
    the bond vibration frequencies in a molecule and is used to determine the functional group.

    fragments the molecule and measures the masses

    • detects signals from hydrogen atoms and
    • can be used to distinguish isomers

    electron transitions to determine bonding patterns
  5. Frequency and wavelength are __.

    __, where c is the __.

    Energy per photon= __, where h is __.
    inversely proportional 

    c= hv, where c is the speed of light


    Planck's constant
  6. The IR Region

    - Just below __ in the visible region. 

    - Wavelengths usually 2.5-25 um.

    - More common units are __, the reciprocal of the __ in centimeters.

    - __ are proportional to __ and __.

    • wavenumbers
    • wavelength

    • wavenumbers 
    • frequency 
    • energy
  7. __ vibrate at only certain allowable frequencies.

    Frequency decreases with __.

    Frequency increases with __.
    covalent bonds

    increasing atomic weight

    increasing bond energy
  8. __ with n atoms usually has __.
    nonlinear molecule

    3n-6 fundamental vibrational modes
  9. __ and __ are also quantitized. 

    No two molecules will give exactly the same __.
    Whole-molecule vibrations and bending vibrations

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