AP English Vocab

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  1. timorous
    full of fear; afraid; timid
  2. superfluous
    beyond what is necessary; surplus
  3. mitigate
    to make less severe; to alleviate; to soften
  4. simultaneuosly
    occurring at the same time
  5. extricate
    to free from difficulties; disentangle; disencumber
  6. disputatious
    argumentative; contentious
  7. facetious
    given to joking; not to be taken seriously
  8. exonerate
    to free from blame; to aquit
  9. concur
    to agree; coincide; to be of the same opinion
  10. inundate
    to flood; to swamp; to deluge
  11. imminent
    about to happen; threatening to occur soon
  12. manifest
    to show; to reveal; to display
  13. audacity
    nerve; rashness; temerity
  14. enigma
    puzzling statement; riddle; mystery
  15. dauntless
    fearless; intrepid; valiant
  16. meticulous
    obsessively careful about small details
  17. vehement
    showing stong feeling; forceful; violent; furious
  18. extemporaneous
    composed or spoken without preparation; offhand
  19. transient
    not lasting; passing soon; fleeting; short lived
  20. avaricious
    greedy; grasping; covetous
  21. picayune
    concerned with trifling matters
  22. reticent
    silent; reserved
  23. antipathy
  24. clandestine
    done in secrecy; covert; undercover
  25. dastardly
    cowardly and mean
  26. solicitude
    anxious or excessive care
  27. ephemeral
    not lasting; passing soon
  28. remunerative
    advantageous; lucrative; earning money or rewards
  29. plucky
    courageous; brave; valiant
  30. indolent
    lazy; idle; lethargic
  31. efferontery
    shameless; boldness; insolence; gall; temerity
  32. detriment
    injury; damage; or something that causes it
  33. folly
    lack of good sense; foolish action
  34. poignant
    painfully touching; piercing
  35. convivial
    fond of eating and drinking with friends
  36. parsimonious
    unduly sparing in spending money; stingy
  37. prodigious
    enormous; gigantic
  38. ebullient
    overflowing with enthusiasm; exuberant
  39. throes
    anguish; pangs; deep state of being
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